We Ourself

We Ourself Gunma Guardforce DS Sdn.Bhd was established on 19 Oct. 1999. The primary purpose of the establishment is to provide static guard services, guarding commercial establishment and providing private residential security to our valued clients. GUNMA

Our Commitment

The company is committed to provide an efficient, reliable and trustworthy service for the protection of our distinguished clients and their respective properties. We are determined to strive in order to achieve and succeed in serving our distinguished clients to the utmost level of satisfaction when ever and where ever our services are provided. GUNMA

Our Vision

Gunma Guardforce DS Sdn.Bhd takes great pride in forging its Corporate Vision to provide our clients with Superior Security Services in the 21st century. Our vision is to maintain and reinforce our stand to be a leading Security Provider. Apart from offering a professional service, we also look into our valued clients' business requirements. GUNMA

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By forging a close business relationship, we are able to determine the respective needs of our distinguished clients where it not only meets but also exceeds their said requirements. Our strategy is to differentiate GUNMA from our competitors as an efficient security provider to our existing and potential customers where we have the freedom to do business without bounds.

CCTV Cameras - Digital Video Recorders - Visitor Management

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To provide an overview plan to the client on the management of specific assignment - Long term plan to enhance the quality of service and continuous improvement to the designated assignment - Provide structured training for the guards so as to measure the performance and career development of the employees

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Provide security service - Long term planning on guards performance improvement plan - Provide monthly or quarterly report of Security Risk Assessment Plan- Improvement base on risk assessment plan as recommended to the client

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Bi-monthly training with short test evaluation - Training log for each officer and upon passing the basic evaluation the training subject shall be recorded into the log for their career advancement program - The module is design with aim to create a continuous learning process hence would be able to retain sound knowledge officers and promotions

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